initial consultation

Patients who are wishing to arrange a consultation are recommended to fill out a brief form and upload some photographs.  This pre-assessment will ensure that you are suitable for treatment and as such an appropriate consultation can be facilitated.  Please proceed to the pre-assessment page in order to complete this.

For general enquiries please use the form on the contact page.

If surgery is deemed an appropriate option we will send an email with comprehensive details of the patient journey and surgical process.  The email will contain an estimated quote for the treatment advised by Dr. Raja.

Each viable profile is reviewed personally by Dr. Raja and a face-to-face consultation can then be arranged.  This consultation will include a detailed assessment of your hair loss, physical examination and outline of a comprehensive treatment plan.  The charge for each consultation is £100 – should you be viable for surgery this is deducted from any further treatment costs.

We believe in careful, long-term planning when it comes to treatment of hair loss.  It is important to stress that the hair loss must be stabilised prior to consideration for a surgery and we will assess each case individually in order to provide an honest and comprehensive treatment plan.

Dr. Raja is available for consultation at The Private Clinic of Harley Street in London, Manchester and Leeds – once you complete either a callback request using the link at the bottom of this page or the pre-assessment form a member of the team will be in touch to arrange a consultation at your convenience. 


We take great care to ensure that each individual case is given an accurate estimation of the treatment required.  We have found from experience that this can seldom be done by assessing photographs.  The quality of donor hair and extent of loss vary significantly between people and as such Dr. Raja prefers to examine his patients face-to-face in order to provide an accurate plan for treatment.  The cost of each treatment will be explained on an individual basis during consultation by our patient coordinator.

Average Costs for FUE Procedures

These costings provide an example average across FUE procedures.  Dr. Raja harvests within safe limits in order to minimise the risk of visible donor scarring – this is usually a maximum of 2000-2500 grafts per session depending on the quality of the donor hair.  Graft numbers provide a guide to the requirement but it is important to mention that every person will have a variable ratio of hairs per graft – as such a higher density donor area may result in fewer grafts being required to achieve an excellent natural result – this will all be discussed during the surgical planning element of the consultation and a quote tailored to your individual graft requirements will be provided therein.

FUE procedures start from £4000 and average between £7000-£9000 depending on requirements

Average Costs for FUT Procedures

From £4500 and assessed on an individual basis 

Beard, Eyebrow & Scar Correction

From £3000 and assessed on an individual basis

Corrective/Repair Surgery

Assessed individually

finance options

We are currently offering 0% finance options over 12 months in partnership with Tabeo.

A brief credit check (usually takes 2 minutes) is performed to determine suitability.